To you Father! Love Yourself!

IMG_4666To the daddy you used to be!

You are the daddy that used to be…

You pushed me on the swing

As I screamed weeeeee…

This is a poem on fathers day…

I’m gonna tell you this story

In my own way…

I love you, I love you…

I always have

There is nothing that can change that

I do hope you know…

Yes, you may have made me cry…

And ever so often I wonder why,

Why you pushed me out of your life…

Why you lie to your very own wife…

Don’t you know that I still love you?

Don’t you know that I still care?

There is no getting near you these days…

You’ve pushed me out in so many ways…

So I have decided to just let you be

There is no need in chasing

I’ve let myself free

Free from your grip, from your love and despair

Free from your third wife who doesn’t even care

Free from waiting for you to be a certain way

Free from making you want to stay

Free from wanting you to love me this way

It’s enough, I’m done, I’ve set myself free

God loves me for me

Some things never change,

I can count on him

I know that I can

There is no other man

Who can compare to Him

To the father you used to be…

I want to say thanks…

Thanks for the love, for the play, for the fun

We liked to ride bikes, to fly kites, and to sing

You let me dress up and flash some bling bling

You taught me to save for the things that I want

Not to be frivolous and buy everything at once

You took us on vacation, my sister and I

to Florida, New Hamshir, and even Hawaii

It would have never crossed your mind

Because you used to be so kind

to push us out the door

back when we played ‘’bucking bronco’’ on the floor


Do you remember him?

The man that used to love me…

The one that used to care…

The one who would stay up all night

The one who brushed my hair

Do you remember goldie locks

and stinky socks?

When did you change?

Why do you think that you are more godly now

Did God disown his children

when they didn’t do things his way?

Do you hear God anymore?

Do you hear him calling?

Saying your name?

Saying ‘’hi there my child, where are your children?

Did they both run away? Is that what you think?

Come to me and I will show you the truth’’

Will you go?

Can you see?

That we both love you so…

Will you go?

Can you bare it?

To see your own truth?

The children you pushed away in your youth?

You wanted it better

that is what you’ve always said

You didn’t want to be like your father

Who is now already dead

You wanted to be good and kind

And let us share what’s on our mind?

When did you stop having time?

When did you start hiding behind?

I do still love you…

I only hope you know

But I can’t be around someone

who wants to be my foe…

Is that what you want?

Because that is the way it seems…

You pretend I’m not on the phone whenever it rings

Well sometimes you do

That is, if let’s say,

your wife isn’t near

to take it away

She doesn’t grab at the phone

But she grabs at you soul, at your mind

Like a child who needs your attention

At every inconvenient time

You don’t say ‘’no I’m talking on the phone to someone important’’

you pretend I’m your boss giving tips on importment

You shove religion down my throat

When I don’t even care

You think you know better

But how can you

It isn’t fair

The truth is…

you don’t have all the answers…

Can’t seem to find them anywhere

And that is ok…

I just hope…

That some day

Some day

You will find what you are looking for

It will come knocking at your door

You will be ready to embrace it

To hold it in your arms

You will love it

Yes you will

Because by then…

You will have learned

to love yourself

Love yourself, father!

Love yourself for who you are

Love how God made you

Who he made you to be

Love the mistakes

Love it all

Because God made you

And he makes no mistakes

Because God loves you

He made you and you are exactly right

Don’t listen to a wife that puts you down

Or any one that makes you frown

Just be yourself, whoever that is

You’ll know it as soon as you begin

To Simply Love Yourself

You are who you are

You can’t change the past

Nor can you predict to future

But the NOW is what you have

SO embrace it

Love it

Love yourself

I’ve told you before

That I’ll open the door

But not to a hater full of anger and fear

I don’t need that in my life right now, dear

But I love you none the less

Don’t think about the mess

Just take that step and listen

Love yourself and listen

Ask for help and listen

Your worries have closed up your mind

To submission

Don’t submit to confusion and dissolution

Don’t submit to lies and compromise

Just Love yourself

Then you’ll know what to do

Just love yourself

Do you know how it’s done?

I’ve given up trying to change you

Or tell you how much I care

I know as long as she’s there

It will be ‘Schwer’ (hard/ difficult)

Well I guess that’s not true

No one gets the blame but you

But then again

I don’t want to blame

That would be such a shame

I just want to tell you

That I still love you

and encourage you to love yourself

As I have learned to love myself


Just a little note


It’s too hard to fight. I just want to live. To be at peace and let you be at peace. To share my thoughts and how they became a part of my life, a part of my being is often too hard. I don’t want to explain or defend. I don’t need to know how you came to the conclusion. You be who you are and I’ll be me. That’s all we can do to set ourselves free. Free from the past and the future to be, free from judgment from hate and confusement. I love you, yes all of you, it’s true. Let it be known, there is nothing you can do! Nothing to make me hate you or fear you or loath you. You are how you are and that is the best you can be. So before we ask questions, just to start a fight, before we get scared and want to take the next flight, let us remember that God made us this way, we are perfect, we are precious, in our very own way.


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