How to raise self confident children

I love reading Adeh Jones work. The following three points are what I interpreted from her post. Take a look…
1. Concentrate on the positive side of your child
2. Speak kindly to and about your children
3. Give children responsibility, it helps helps them become a part of a whole.


Great morning to you. I just made a resolution, that I will share with you TEN things, most people don’t know about me.
Number 1, the first time a girl wrote ‘I love you’ note to me, in primary 5 then, guess what, I boosted into tears, and wanted to go report her to the headmaster, thanks to my class teacher who stopped me.
Hey, don’t laugh at your coach, I believe you had a funnier childhood days, so? Tarrrrrr. OK, on a more serious note.
Are you one of those parents who want their children to act smart, intelligently, with a great self-esteem? 4 things you need to do.
1. Your children are a reflection of who they FEEL you THINK they are, go back and read the line again. Do your kids FEEL you take them as smart, intelligent, hardworking, adorable? Do you always call them…

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