Several Truths About Raising Kids

Very funny post about the frustrations of parenting. Any one with 2 or more children around the age of 7 will be able to relate to this. But this Stark Raving Dad wants all new parents to read it as a warning. I hope you enjoy this post and laugh as much as I did while reading it.

Stark Raving Dad

Now that I’ve been a parent for almost 7 years, during which time I’ve lost the majority of my hair, had the rest of it go mostly grey, and had my nerves frayed to the fullest possible extent, I feel qualified to share this list I’ve been compiling with you. It’s a collection of fundamental rules that all children that have moved beyond the baby phase start to live by.

I call this list ‘Several Truths About Raising Kids’. Or, if you want an easier way of remembering it so you can tell your friends (and maybe help keep their lovely crop of hair intact), the STARK’s. I know, it’s almost like the name of my blog but it’s just a crazy coincidence.

We could go one step further and call these STARK’s Laws – it doesn’t actually make any sense, but it sounds extremely official and makes me feel…

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