Just a little note


It’s too hard to fight. I just want to live. To be at peace and let you be at peace. To share my thoughts and how they became a part of my life, a part of my being is often too hard. I don’t want to explain or defend. I don’t need to know how you came to the conclusion. You be who you are and I’ll be me. That’s all we can do to set ourselves free. Free from the past and the future to be, free from judgment from hate and confusement. I love you, yes all of you, it’s true. Let it be known, there is nothing you can do! Nothing to make me hate you or fear you or loath you. You are how you are and that is the best you can be. So before we ask questions, just to start a fight, before we get scared and want to take the next flight, let us remember that God made us this way, we are perfect, we are precious, in our very own way.


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