How to keep lice away without a preventative chemical spray, 4 simple steps.

If you have a girl with long hair and hear that lice, is going around in school, don’t panic. I can give you a fool prove way of keeping her lice free.IMG_4765

1. Don’t wash her hair. The little bugs love clean scalps, it is easier for them to suck blood from dirt free heads.

2. Braid her hair in as many braids as you can stand to braid and don’t take them out until the epidemic is over. It is hard for the lice to build nests in tight spaces.

3. Rub lavender oil or teabaumöl, (a German word for an oil from the tea trees in Australia), directly on your Childs scalp. The little bugs don’t like the smell and stay away.

4. Other than telling her not to use combs, jackets, hats ect. from others, put all of her school items in a plastic bag. No hanging jackets on the hooks…no, no, put then in the plastic bag that hangs on the hook. Lice doesn’t jump, contrary to popular belief. They crawl from jacket to jacket. So it really doesn’t matter who she plays with, it matters next to whose jacket her jacket may hang.

If you DO have lice, DON’T use the Chemicals on your children under two years of age, just pull the suckers off, it is too dangerous for your child otherwise.

If you do have lice don’t panic. You don’t have to freeze the stuffed animals, or change sheets every night. You don’t have to vacuum the house like crazy. Just spend an afternoon in front of the telli with your kids and comb those suckers out (after using the chemical spry). Nine days later, do it again. You can send your children to school directly after the first treatment.


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