What is the Quintessential Message?

Hello my friends,

Christmas has been celebrated all over the globe. And Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Jesus grew up to be a leader and teacher. His quintessential message was love. But… What is Love?


I’m not going to make you guess. I’m just going to tell you.

You are love. I am Love. Every person was born as a bundle of love. A baby is love in it’s purest form.IMG_0607

This love is still our essential being, even now in adulthood, adolescence, seniority, or wherever you find yourself.

How does one tap into this Love?

It may seem so far away. Why? Because he/she is not in touch with him/herself. He/she is searching, searching in his/her job, food, or behavior. But these things are not who he/she is. These things are not in tune with the love that a person is.

The purpose of this knowledge is not to judge, or hurt or change anything. The purpose is to gain awareness. Through observation comes awareness of truths. So lets observe…

Thoughts manifest into spoken words.

Words manifest into actions.

Actions become habits.

Habits form our character.

Because our thoughts essentially drive us, we must become aware of the truths or lies in them through observing what kind of person we are when I believe our thoughts. Or vise versa what kind of person are you when you don’t believe certian thoughts. (Check out Byron Katie ”Loving what is”)IMG_1566

Thoughts are motivated from the influences we allow around us (and those we don’t allow around us but that still manage to penetrate our surroundings). Hundreds of thoughts can flow through our brain parallel to one another in just a matter of seconds. But not all thoughts are true, some are big fat lies. Some are uncomfortable truths that want to be acknowledged and few are actually true.

If you want to seperate true thoughts from false ones then take time with your thoughts in a quiet place. Allow all thoughts to flow. Some may be uncomfortable and you may want to push them away. Don’t. Ask yourself if these uncomfortable thoughts are true. If they are true then let yourself feel every emotion that comes with this awareness. These emotions are a part of you. They want to be acknowledged and loved. Love yourself.

Imagine sitting on this bench alone. Watch the sun go down on a warm summer night. See the water and what it reflects. Reflect on your thoughts. Where do they come from? Are they true? Do you believe them to be true? Let yourself feel all the emotions that come and be with yourself. Love yourself. By acknowledging your feelings and accepting yourself, you allow them to go off and make room for more emotions other emtions. They make room for life. Love what is. Love yourself.

”Love your neighbor as yourself.” -Jesus

He didn’t say love your neighbor not yourself or more than yourself. No, Love your nieghbor as yourself. Love yourself. You are love. Love the truth. Love your emotion. By doing so you will naturally love others.

”These three things remain; faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is Love.” – Bible

The greatest is love because it is the only thing we have after death. We need faith here on earth. We need faith because we can’t see our creator and we can’t see where we go after death.

We need hope here on earth. Hope that there is a better place. Hope that our faith has a purpose. Once we pass out of this earth, we no longer need faith and hope. We will know…who our creator is and where we go after death.

But Love… Love is something we can have now and after death. Love grows and is the only thing that accompanies us into death. Our body deteriorates but our love remains.

Why? Because we are love. Each person is born as a bundle of love. And we die as love. Somewhere in between birth and death, this love seems to be confusing. It’s not. Love just is.

”I am”- God

Jesus is. God is refered to as the ”Great I am.” Love is. It is what it is. Loving what is can be simplified to just… Love.

We are made in the likeness of God. I am. I am what? Love. Just as God is Love.

So the quintessential message is love. And what is Love? You are love.

So let us tap into the love that we are and become naturally happy together.

Love Rebekah Butterfly



3 thoughts on “What is the Quintessential Message?

  1. I wouldn’t go so far to say that we are “love”. Unless I misunderstand and you are actually talking to God in this post, St. John says in the Bible that “God is love”. If God is love, and we are made in God’s image and likeness, then we are made in the image and likeness of love. But that doesn’t mean that, like God, we are love itself. I’m sure you can see that if we were love itself, we would be holier people 🙂

    • Exactly, we would be holier people. We are not perfect but we are made in God’s likeness and have the ability to be holier. God made us perfect in his sight, but with a free will. If we allow ourselves to tap into the love that he made us to be then we could move mountains. We can allow God to work though us, to be one with him. Yes we would be holier.

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