15 ways to happiness, only one is true

Hello Friends,

Here are 16 ways to happiness each delivered from a different quality. While reading ask yourself, ”Which one of these statements do I believe to be true?”

  • ”If I do it by myself, then I’ll be happy.” says Pride.
  • ”If others praise my work, then I’ll be happy.” says Ego.
  • ”If it doesn’t hurt me, then it’ll make me happy.” says Fear
  • ”When I get better, then I’ll be happy.” says Reason
  • ”If I wanted less, then I’d be happy.” says Prudence
  •  ”I’m only ever happy for a short moment.” says Expierience
  • ”When I recieve more, then I’ll be happy.” says Calculation
  • ”If it’s allowed, then I’ll be happy.” says Modesty
  • ”As long as I don’t hurt any one else, I’ll be happy.” says Decency
  • ”If I’m careful, then I’ll be happy.” says Coutiousness
  • ”I’d be happy anywhere but here.” says Confusion
  • ”If I conform to expectations, then I’ll be happy.” say Manners
  • ”If I gave more, then I’d happy” says Religion
  • ”If I function, then I’ll be happy” says Technology
  • ” I’m happy when I’m happy.” says Love
  • ”I’m happy when I love.” says Peace

You may find yourself identifying with more than one of these statements, but only one is true. Which one do you believe?

I’m happy when I’m happy. That is the truth. Happiness comes from accepting what is. Being able to accept what is has to be learned. When we learn to love ouselves then we begin to love or accept what is. This means that happiness is born from love. In other words:

Love gives birth to happiness.


Does that mean, through loving, that I am happy all the time? Not really. It means I’m at peace with the present. It means loving what is, whether happy, sad, angry or mad.  Saying ”yes” to that which is and being at peace. It means acknowledging my emotions and not pushing them away. It means not putting so much weight on being ”happy” rather gaining awareness that being happy is an emotion just as any other emotions. It is not better or worse. It just is what it is. Happiness is happiness.

Thinking that tired in thoughtby doing, gaining, wanting, becoming something other than what is in this moment will make us happy is a myth. It is not loving what is. It is not being at peace with what is. It is telling us that the way it is right now is not good enough. That makes us sad and we can wind ourselves around false thoughts that make us sick.

That is not loving what is. When we realize that we are humans and humans have a wide viriaty of emotions, then we can love. With love we can be at peace with all emotions and therefore be happy in any state of being. We can be at all times aware and watchful of what we are in this moment and how we feel. If I’m sad, I’m sad and I’ll let the sadness wash over me because it is important to love the sadness that is a part of me right now. Then I can love the sadness and not push it away allowing myself to be at peace with what is and therefore happy.

Hand on HeartOnce your heart is opened you will understand. Let us learn to love and become Naturally Happy Together.

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them so please leave a comment by clicking the heart to the upper left and I will respond.

Love your Rebekah Butterfly


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