Bare at the Bottom

ImageI enjoy all types of weather. This day on the beach was very windy. You can see me holding my hat in place.

Some of my best moments were on unexpected “bad weather” days.  Like the time it actually hailed in Germany. Those were big suckers, 5cm. Some people reported cracked windshields and dints on the roof. We were lucky not to have had any such problems. We went outside directly after the hailing stopped. Our boys had lots of fun collecting the ice balls and seeing who could find the biggest one.


And yes, I was barefoot as always. If I don’t have to wear shoes, then you won’t find them on my feet. I play outside barefoot with my children and most of the time with the neighborhood children in all types of weather. I do garden work barefoot. Being barefoot keeps me in touch with the earth and nature, not to mention it’s healthy. I am much more aware of the different plants and animals with which we share the earth.

If you want to be reconnected with Nature, try going barefoot.

I would love to hear about your barefoot experience, whether you are a barefoot profi like me or just going bare at the bottom for the first time.

Please leave a comment. I look forward to reading and replying. Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your time with me.

Love Rebekah Butterfly

Let’s Get Naturally Happy Together


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